Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amazingly Sexy photos of American Fitness Girl Rebecca

This beautiful physique and enchanting features come from 33 year old America Bikini Athlete Rebecca Burger. She shares some insights; "I am training myself alone, learning, making all my workout plans alone by searching, studying all information and interesting articles I can find on the net. It simply impossible for me not to do research for a day :) I simply passionate and I love my healthy lifestyle because it helps me to know me better, to better understand my body and the most important thing it is that it helps me to feel me better every day. This year I decided to go to another step and push myself to competition. I think it has to be lived and experienced at least once and I really motivated and decided to do it :)" Does this selfie motivate you to achieve your perfect figure?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

American Fitness Model Lucinda's Sizzling Selfies

It is time for another stunning selfies from a woman who is extremely passionate about health and fitness. This amazing figure and incredible looks belong to Lucinda Nicholas, who was originally from Adelaide in South Australia and has moved to Sydney. She is a model, actress and presenter who is passionate about health and fitness. You can learn about this on her Blog : Lucinda was thrown into the world of modelling at the age of 17 when she was asked to compete in the Miss World competition after finishing high school - she won the state title. Modelling. Lucinda was crowned Miss World SA 2010. After competing at a national level – being broadcast to the Australian public Lucinda went on to pursue a career in modelling. After two years of modeling & acting – Lucinda decided to take on another challenge – Presenting! It embodied the foundations of each area she was working in. Researching, talking to people, not being afraid of the camera and representing herself as a business. Lucinda believes that life is full of opportunities if you don’t grab them by both hands when they arise, then that is an opportunity missed. In her spare time Lucinda likes to keep fit and healthy by working out. Lucinda also enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, reading and simply enjoying life. Please thank Lucinda for sharing this incredibly eye-catching selfies!